Footprints in the Dust

Walking north of town this evening I was thinking of how dry it is. The dust, particularly along the edge of the road is a fine powder. I watched, as Simeon ran ahead of me, the plumes rose from where his paws landed creating quite a cloud of dust even along the road but especially when he ventured full bore into the wheat in the field beside us. My goodness our good green, albeit not very green, earth could use a good long drink of water!
I noticed as I walked along, the paw prints Simeon left behind, some of them from this evening, some of them from days past on our previous journeys north of town, I was a bit surprised they were still there with the Western Kansas wind and all. Alongside his paw prints were other prints from other animals that had obviously walked our path at some time previous to us. And in the midst of all those prints were human prints, shoe prints left by myself from days before. All of them pressed into the dust. As we walked along it was a bit like we were writing a story in the dust in the midst of a story that had been told days before, prints of journeys past along with new ones in the present.
I am reflective today as I walk. I am reflecting on dust… we are told in our sacred texts it is the stuff from which we are created, it is the stuff to which we will all one day return … ashes to ashes and dust to dust we hear at our final resting place. It is dust … sacred dust … dust that tells a story … dust that tells our story.
I am reflective of the footprints left behind by myself, by my companion on the way, and by the ones I have not seen but know of their presence because of the mark they have left behind. I suppose, in part, I am reflective because of current happenings in my life and the life of our church, I am reflective of the footprints of life that have been left on my heart and soul of those who have gone on before me; those who have made me, for better or worse, who as well as whose I am. I am reflective of my own footprints, my own life, and wonder about the impressions I have made on those who I have helped make who and whose they are.
In all this life reflection I am drawn to a song by a Christian singer who died some years back. He sang a song about the baptism of a baby and in the chorus to that song he spoke of “footsteps” in our lives and his hope that in “every footprint that you leave, there’d be a drop of grace.” I like that, it is good medicine on a reflective walk this evening.
As I watch the dust cloud known as Simeon bolt down the road in front of me I give thanks for the company, for the dust, for the footprints on and of my life, mostly though, I give thanks for grace and pray within the footprints of my life there would be at least one drop.


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One Response to “Footprints in the Dust”

  1. Talma Says:

    You have definately left your footprints on my life. You make me want to walk a little taller and a little straighter in my life. I thank God for the dust that you have kicked up and scattered thru out the years that you have been in my life and look forward to more.

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