Gone Flat

Simeon loves toys! I have enjoyed that part of him as much as anything I suppose. Though I have been known to give TruDee a hard time about spoiling him, I enjoy the toys as much as he does; trying to decide what he will like and/or which ones he will eat or not. We have seen him play himself to the point of exhaustion falling asleep not only surrounded by his toys, but with something like a ball in his mouth, sound asleep in the floor. He is really like a little kid in a lot of ways, it is rather endearing to us.

   I enjoy it in part because I have always enjoyed wandering the toy aisles at the store. I enjoyed it when the boys were little and have even been found perusing the toys after the boys were too old to appreciate them as much as myself. So, now with Simeon, I once again can find additional purpose to my toy aisle wandering.

   We bought him a new ball yesterday. It was a really nice ball, one of those playground balls, blue with big multicolored polka dots! We brought it home and Simeon LOVED it! I was downstairs when it was gifted to him by TruDee so I am unsure of the timeline, but it lasted perhaps ten minutes, when I came upstairs it was already flat; a little too much exuberance perhaps, a little over the tope excitement and it was all over. Oh, he is still playing with it, albeit when he throws it up in the air now to watch it bounce it just goes thump on the floor, but he is persistent in his attempts to get it to bounce just one more time.

   I suppose there is some sort of lesson in there for all of us too. We need a little balance in our lives, a little play, a little work, a little rest, and when we over-do any one of those things life can get out of balance and we can find ourselves going thump with little or no bounce to our own lives. Too much play, too much work, too much rest, can cause us to go flat and find ourselves down on our back or worse.

   I suspect we will try and find Simeon a ball with a little more stamina to it next time. In the mean time I will reflect on my life and be mindful of the balance I need as I journey along in this life and faith.


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One Response to “Gone Flat”

  1. christianskeptic Says:


    Thank you. I foud so much of myself and of my dad in these post. Yes, I skimmed all of them and I will save the url for deeper reading.

    I see in your posts that you love life… all of life. That is a wonderful attitude. To love and respect the life that is not like your life.

    It would be nice if we all could express ourselves as beautifully. It’s pleasure to know you.

    Love, CS

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