They Call it Fishing not Catching

   We sat in the boat from early morning until late in the evening, taking a few breaks now and then for lunch and other necessities … and we fished.  We fished, and fished, and fished, we visited, solved all the problems of the church, our families, and the world, and we fished! For two days we fished in beautiful weather, not much breeze, sunny but not too hot, perfect for fishing. Of course the problem, and I hate to say this, is we fished we just didn’t do any catching!

   I have always said it is the “going” that is the main thing, catching is just a bonus. In all the hours we sat in the boat we had only two bonuses, two small bass that were not even big enough to keep. Catching is a bonus, but it sure is a nice bonus!

   But you know, even after the disappointing “catching” it was still worth the time. Sitting out in the midst of one of God’s grandest sanctuaries with a good friend just passing the time trying to outsmart the fish and enjoying nature and the company of one like a brother makes it all worthwhile.

   Jesus said something about where two or three are gathered there he is. I suspect, although I suppose he was shaking his head more than once, God was there in the boat too with Robert and I, just passing the time of day as well … you know, according to our sacred texts, Jesus kind of liked fishing and fishermen.

   We didn’t catch much, but really, it isn’t about the catching it’s about the fishing and about the relationship … it would have been an enjoyable trip even without the two fish we caught. Good friends, good fishing, good times, good God. It’s all good.

   Take some time this week to nurture your friendships, it will be well worth your time.


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