As the World Revolves

Kent to Simeon: Simeon sit! Simeon stay! Simeon come! Simeon heel! No Simeon! Simeon leave it! Simeon down! Good boy Simeon! Simeon off! Simeon, no I don’t want your toy … Simeon no I don’t want your toy … Simeon no I don’t want your toy.
Simeon to Kent: Play? Play? Play? Walk? Play? Play? Look a cat! Play? Play? Play? Somehow the written word does not capture it the same as when my boys do it in a deep silly voice that just seems to fit the wrinkled brow expression Simeon has when he drops one of his toys in my lap.
For Simeon, the world, no, the entire universe revolves around him. It is no wonder of course because it seems we are constantly calling his name for one reason or another, why wouldn’t he assume that we exist to make his life better and more interesting?
Sometimes I think we make the same assumption. A friend of mine told me of a cartoon sometime back that pictured a child and a parent. The parent said to the child, “You know the world does not revolve around you!” The child responded, “How is that possible?”
Jesus addressed the notion quite often actually and continually pointed those who heard him, continually points us in the other direction. I think our sacred texts, particularly the teachings of Christ tell us the world does not revolve around us, but rather we should see it revolving around the other. Constantly looking for ways to serve the other in love and grace.
I do not know if Simeon will ever learn such a valuable lesson, maybe his presence in my life is a reminder that I am a servant and not a master. I am glad he reminds me that I should be looking to others and not myself. I pray such is the case for you as well.

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    Great post!

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