It’s Hot

“It’s Hot”

It’s hot! That is an understatement I suppose, or at the very least stating the obvious. It is hot! I am not a hot weather fan. If I had to choose one extreme or another I would much rather deal with freezing temperatures than hot ones. There is something about the heat, for me, just saps my energy, my attitude, and my well-being.

When it is this hot I just want to curl up by the air conditioning vent and nap. It is hard to be motivated about anything at all. I have never quite understood the summer practice of “laying out,” to get some sun. The practice has always seemed a bit like crawling into a frying pan or over a pit of coals to be cooked. And some even seem to enhance the experience by slathering oil all over them to get a nice golden brown. Seems I remember reading various recipes about cooking something like bread or meat until it is a “nice golden brown.”

Of course for those of us who have encountered the nasty “skin cancer” as we have gotten older and told it is the result of too much exposure to the sun when young the thought of simmering oneself in the heat of the day loses just a bit more of our appeal.

These random thoughts are just my own though. I do agree that a nice tan does look nice. Perhaps it is just jealousy on my part. I have always had the skin tone that simply burns, blisters, peels, and turns white again. But I think mostly it is just hot, too hot.

I suppose in regards to our life and faith it is simply another witness to the fact that we are all created a little different. We have likes and dislikes and we do not all like the same things. If applied to our lives it makes things more interesting and the variety or color, taste, and entertainment makes our world a better place to live. In terms of our various faith journeys and encounters with God it makes for a wonderfully broad experience of who God is and how God interacts with all of God’s children.

I believe God loves diversity because there is so much of it. So as you go through the week I pray you find those practices of life and faith that speaks most deeply to your experience of God and give thanks for all your brothers and sisters in the love of God.

So here in my air conditioned office I wish all the simmering, laying out, browning friends a tan summer, be safe and don’t forget the sun screen, and as for the rest of us, I hope our air conditioners don’t fail us now … it’s hot out there!



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