I am starting to wonder of Simeon the dog is really a messenger from God to either keep me humble or supplied with illustrations. It is another dog story this week. The other day I was home most of the morning and Simeon, I think not being used to that, thought he needed to exercise the door going in and out, in and out, etc.
   I was working on the computer and I am not sure how many times I had let him in and out and thinking he was outside I stepped to the door and called for him to come in. Nothing, he usually comes running, but this time there was no Simeon to be seen as I walked clear around the backyard. He has finally broken through his underground boundary fence, “A first time for everything,” I thought.
   I went back in the house and called and whistled just in case I had been confused as to where he was, there was silence in the house. I called TruDee to have her know and began driving all over town looking for our silly dog! At noon I met TruDee at the house and we ate and I went back out on my search and rescue mission. Shortly she called and informed me he was home.
   In fact, he had been home all the time. Simeon and Hobbes (the cat) love to wrestle and play, not much of a wrestling match though, Simeon has a sixty pound advantage. Anyway, evidently they had been chasing each other through the house, found themselves in the extra bedroom, wrestled around until they got the door shut on themselves and locked in the room. Silly animals … silly me, all the calling and whistling and the dog and cat … not a peep, they seemed perfectly content “lost” in the room in the house. It kind of made me wonder who it was that was lost in all this commotion.
   I pondered the possible lessons, illustrations, and points to such a story. I thought about just leaving it be and letting you readers apply your own meaning to my “lost” dog, that would work I suppose and hope you do. One thing I did think of, especially in our world and society today, is the issue of “lost-ness.”
   I was the one who thought Simeon was lost and all the while he was safe at home. I wonder how many times we do that with those whom we just can’t “see “ their point of view, or see eye to eye, or disagree with their thought, theology, belief system, or philosophy. I wondered, as I considered Simeon’s predicament, how many we or I consider “lost” because they disagree with me, when all along they are fine and home and happy in the presence of God. Perhaps if I would spend more time looking, understanding, listening, seeking, with them, neither one of us would seem quite so lost, and come to know that we are never lost to God, that God is always with us and never lets us go.
   Reason to give thanks and truly encounter those of our fellow travelers on this good green earth.


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One Response to “Lost”

  1. Michael K. Burt Says:

    Hmmmmm……..I know a couple of folks who may get something out of this latest posting………….am I lost??? Do others think that I am??

    Love ya Kent,

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