Never Alone

   We took Simeon to the boarder over the weekend, as we had to go out of town. I missed his thumping tail on the wall when we got back home. I missed it again when we came home from church yesterday. I even missed the big lump on the couch or floor and his snoring while he naps, he is an accomplished “napper,” like dog like master I suppose.
   There is obviously still evidence of his existence strewn around the house, food and water dishes, a toy here and there, his blanket and pillow in his crate next to our bed. It will be good to have him back home later today.
   I suppose, if you will allow me, we can draw inference to the loss of our loved ones from that imagery. Our memories, mementos, and love for those who have gone on, though they be physically absent from us are still held close in our hearts through the memories we have. It is hard to lose those things and people we cherish and love. And yet we can often find comfort and strength in remembering and cherishing the memories we have.
   So with those thoughts I am thinking of the things and persons we lose throughout our lives. We lose loved ones and close friends, we lose jobs and livelihoods, we lose possessions and property, we lose health and well-being. I was told once by a wise man that “any change is loss” and thus we tend to grieve those changes no matter how small or earth shattering they are.
   It is good, or even essential to have those around us who are there for us in these times. It is good to have a close friend or family member, it is good to have a community who cares, or a faith community to reassure us and help carry our load so we know we are not alone in our grief and struggle.
In our sacred scriptures we are reminded often that we are not alone. We as a people of faith know that God is with us and will never abandon us, that we can never be separated from God in the love of Christ. It is good to know! And I believe, though we can say that, and though we can believe that, it is most profoundly known in and through our relationship with others.
   I look forward to this afternoon when Simeon is back in our midst; I hope he feels the same. I hope this week through the relationship between you and the ones you love and know, you do indeed know, you are not alone. It is reason to give thanks.


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4 Responses to “Never Alone”

  1. Marci Hauser Says:

    Kent, I truly miss your sermons!

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