A Safe Place

   Simeon loves to jump up on our bed but he is a good boy about it and only jumps when he is invited. He is obviously too big to sleep on the bed with us at night and so he always goes to his crate next to the bed when it is time to sleep.
   A week or so ago TruDee was gone for a few days to a City Conference and so I decided I would spoil Simeon a bit and let him sleep on the bed with me. I called him up and he quickly made himself comfortable next to me and I shut off the light. He lasted two or three minutes, jumped down, and curled up on his pillow in his crate and slept the rest of the night.
   The next night I did the same thing with the same results, he lasted about two or three minutes then jumped down and slept in his crate. Being able to try something new and different was obviously exciting to him but he chose comfort and safety over new.
    We often have the same choices both in our every day lives and in our lives of faith. There are important times we need that safe comfortable place to be. Where we know we will be accepted for who we are, respected, and made to feel safe and at home. There are also times when we are called to venture into new and exciting ways of thinking and believing and acting that challenge us, make us uncomfortable, and bring us new life. The trick is of course to have the wisdom to know which to do when and where.
    I hope you have that place of safety in your life where you are not judged but simply welcomed and loved. I hope you find yourself in new and exciting places that fill your life with adventure and newness. I pray this coming week and in the days to come in your journey you are confronted with days of safety and comfort, and days of new things and challenge. May you embrace them and drink of them deeply and know that God is always with you.
   I suspect I will invite Simeon up on the bed with me for a good ear scratch, but I suspect I am done inviting him to sleep there, as he likes the safety and comfort of his own space. May we all know the wisdom of knowing good choices in our lives.

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