Fear Not

   Silly dog, I guess I should be thankful as he gives me a wealth of things to talk about. Last week he was concerned with his “safe place” in his crate to sleep at night. I knew the next thing quite well, several months ago a CRACK of thunder jolted him from his sleep and ever since he has been more than a little skittish and whiney when the thunder rolls.
   The other day I had gone home for lunch and as per my normal routine after I had eaten I took a short power nap. I was lying on the couch deep into my twenty minute snooze when I heard it. The deep and low rumble of thunder, I love that sound as it rolls across the sky. But not two seconds after it began, OOOFFF … Simeon jumped up on the couch right in the middle of me! Now for one of the cats or a small lap dog that usually is only a minor discomfort and startling, but for a sixty-five pound “lap” dog it can provide a goodly amount of pain! “Scaredy Dog,” I called him, the big knucklehead, what was he thinkin’!
   Fear not, I read over and over again in our sacred texts. Fear not, we are told God says, we are told angels say, we are told Jesus said, again and again … Fear Not. Now, granted there are things we should be afraid of, or at least offer a good deal of respect to for our own safety. And yet, in the midst of this crazy world I believe we do well to heed the words, “Fear Not.” Fear can lead to all kinds of things.
   Fear of those who are different than us either in looks, belief, though, or practice can lead to all kinds of injustice, bigotry, prejudice, and abuse. An unreasonable fear of nature, events, policies, political ideologies, etc. can lead to paranoia and ill health.
   Take some time this week to ponder your fears. Are they justified or are they reflections of our own paranoia’s, prejudices, and distrust. We would all do well to ponder that for a time and listen for the words of our faith … “Fear Not”
   In the mean time I will nap cautiously when it is storming.


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One Response to “Fear Not”

  1. Alastair (aka JRT) Says:

    I am beginning to think that if it were not for Simeon you would be rendered inarticulate 😉

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