TruDee had an appointment in Meade late one afternoon a week ago so I decided to go with her. I thought while she was there I could get my walk in. I had not walked the streets of Meade since I was a kid, probably at the age of thirteen or so, because after my driver’s license I don’t remember doing much “walking” the streets.
   My journey was enjoyable; I walked by the house where we lived, stopped by the church, and out to the fairgrounds where the baseball field dedicated to my brother Chris is located. I walked on around and out past the bowling alley where I spent some time with friends, and headed south past several houses that held many memories, and then down to the Kohart house where I probably spent as much time as I did in my own house. I walked down main street and reminisced Wolfe Motors, the Lakeway, Gates Drug and their fountain, Bisbee’s, and Marrs and Twist.
   We only lived in Meade four years as dad served the United Methodist Church. They were formative years though, in some respect it seems a lifetime ago, and in another way it seems like just yesterday. I did not graduate from Meade but shared with a friend some time back that there has always been and will always be a little Meade Buffalo in my blood. When we moved we left a little bit of who we were, who we are behind. It holds a special place in my heart and soul.
   As I walked I remember thinking how small things had gotten. The blocks were shorter now than they were when I was thirteen, the front porch on our house was not near as high, the church had shrunk; everything was smaller than my memory recalled. I suppose that has something to do with my size, I suppose that has something to do with memory which tends to grow things and people as time distances us from them.
   Memories are so important. In fact, in our faith tradition “remembering” holds a special place, a sacred place. Remembering holds loved ones close even though they are gone, remembering brings us back to happy times when things are hard, and remembering can nurture, nourish, and heal our souls. “Remember me” Jesus told us … “remember me” the thief told Jesus. It is what binds us to those we love whether they are still with us in body or gone on and with us in spirit.
   We finished our evening with a cheeseburger, fries, and a Coke at Bob’s Drive-In, “THE” place to be when I was there. At fifty years old now I know that such meals are not so good for the heart … but it was food for my soul. Take some time this week to remember, and give Thanks.

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One Response to “Remembering”

  1. cindy offield Says:

    As I read thru your piece about Meade, I noticed a name from MY past. Bisbees. My parents used to stop to see the Bisbees each time we went thru or near Meade, because Lottie was my mom’s cousin. Protection wasn’t that far away, but it didn’t seem we got to spend as many hours as I wanted in that store. Walking the aisles just to check things out…so much fun.

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