Rolling In It

     Simeon and I took off on our four mile trek again Friday afternoon. It had been some time since we had walked the north route; with harvest and hunting I had kept in town so as to avoid the trucks and the shotguns. We got to the dirt road just north of town and I turned him loose. It had been awhile since he was able to just run no longer tethered to his walking companion.
     He ran and ran and ran and ran! We were on the way back south when I noticed him noticing something along the two rut path that entered the field just on the north side of the old tail water pit. I whistled at him wondering what it was he had discovered and just about then I saw him start to lie down. I whistled again and yelled his name! It was to no avail though, down he went rolling in whatever it was he had found.
     He came out of the encounter without too much damage. I really did not see any remnants of whatever treasure he had stumbled upon, at least not until that evening. He had acquired an aroma that had not been present when we left earlier that day, though not extremely bad, he did smell more like a dog than he normally does. There is a bath in his near future.
     Simeon though I suppose is not unlike many of us. Sometimes we just have to roll in it, sometimes ignorant of the consequences, sometimes knowing full well that once we are in it is going to cause a stink, either among those around us, or for ourselves in general.
In one of Paul’s letters he speaks of knowing what he should do and not doing it and knowing what not to do and doing it anyway. I suppose it is a bit of the human struggle, sometimes it seems we just cannot help ourselves. I pray in the coming days you do not have too many of those situations that would cause a stink, and if and when you do, I pray for grace in and about for all of us.


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