Everything is Going to be All Right

   Sometimes I think Simeon just knows. I have heard that about animals, that they can sense what you are feeling, sense what you mood is, your joy, sadness, comfort, and anxiety.
   Today I had; well, let’s just say a less than stellar day. It seemed every time I turned around something else went wrong. I suppose we have all had those kinds of days, I had a week of them this morning. It has caused me to take pause and think of the New Year we have ventured two weeks into. There is a lot of stuff to ponder as I watch the news.
   I do not usually ponder out loud here in my writings much about politics and such but it seems to continue to be in the air. So I have decided to say just a piece, quote a friend, and look to the wisdom of Simeon in this week’s writing.
   Sometimes I get frustrated with all the wrangling, name calling, finger-pointing, and mess of our political system. The words, “Can’t we all just get along,” come to mind often. And then this afternoon I thought to myself … you know it is the same “stuff” that goes on regardless of which party is in control. When the right side of the aisle has the Whitehouse and the Votes the left thinks the world is surely going to end. When the left side of the aisle has the Whitehouse and the Votes the right thinks the world is surely going to end. The “stuff” is the same it just changes sides depending on who happens to feel slighted and powerless.
   A friend of mine said the other day that he had gotten to the age and spiritual maturity that he looks at the world around him and all that is going on and simply says, “You know, everything is going to be all right.” As a matter of faith and grace I believe he is right, regardless of what side one is on, everything is going to be all right. Not to say one should not be vigilant and active for the cause of justice, freedom, and understanding for all, but at the same time the world and this country was here a long time before I showed up on the scene, and I believe it will be here a long time after I am gone.
   I heard the lesson from Simeon today after lunch as I sat down in my recliner to catch a nap before returning to the church. He jumped up in my lap, all sixty-five pounds of him and lay down. He doesn’t do that very often, just every once in awhile and when he does he doesn’t stay long.  He didn’t this time either, maybe 30 minutes or so. But perhaps just long enough to lay his head on my leg as if to say, “This has been a rough day … but you know, everything is going to be all right.” I like that, I believe that, and it gives me hope in a time when we could all use a little more hope.


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One Response to “Everything is Going to be All Right”

  1. Steve Says:

    And then KU stinks it up!!!!!!

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