Home is Where the Heart Is

   When we leave town for a time we usually board Simeon. He seems to like it, we wonder if he thinks of it like a big slumber party. Every now and then though, we just take him with us if we are visiting family and if we are not going to be gone very long.
He travels really well, watches out the windows when we are venturing through a town, but while we are on the highway he is usually curled up asleep. It is when we get to our destination that I am a little cautious about him. When in someone else’s home I keep a vigilant watch on him so he doesn’t get in any mischief.
   The last couple of times we have done that we took his crate with us. It folds up so it fits in our vehicle and when we are in a new place we set it up and Simeon seems to do fine with it. I suppose in some respect it brings him comfort in a strange place we have brought a little bit of his home with us. He sleeps in his crate at night when we are home and I think his crate and the pillow are a bit of security for him. In an unfamiliar place he has his familiar place to retreat to when he needs it, a bit of home away from home, if you will.
It is a good lesson for all of us, to carry a bit of home with us when we find ourselves in unfamiliar surroundings. It brings us comfort, assurance, and a touch of security when we feel a bit like a stranger in a strange land.
   There are many stories in our sacred texts about those whom God called to journey into a foreign land and God’s encouragement was to be at home where ever they found themselves. For some of them they discovered where ever God is, there is a part of home; there is comfort, challenge, assurance, and a touch of security when we are on the outside looking in. Perhaps … home “is” where the heart is, where God is, right here, right now.

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