You Are What You Eat

   Simeon seems to have developed a new dietary preference of late. Oh, he still eats his dog food, a very good brand we purchase from his doc, though I must admit he eats it rather slowly and sometimes can take as long as two days just to eat one bowl full.
   Here lately we have come home and found him expanding on his normal fare and broadening his horizons when it comes to food. The main ingredients have been pretty much the same though he has chosen a variety of presentations; a book, one paperback and one hard back, a cardboard boarder on a cat scratcher, a couple of boxes of Kleenex … ate the box but not the Kleenex, a cardboard box, a gift box complete with gift, though he did not harm the gift, just ate the box. He got a hold of a bag of candy Valentine hearts and evidently the bag nor the hearts had that delectable cardboard flavor so he just scattered the hearts and left the bag.
   I am not sure if he has a fiber defenciancy or just enjoys the taste of cardboard? Whatever it is, we have had to start looking for cardboard items and making sure they are out of reach. Sometimes I wish I knew what was going on inside his head and sometimes I am thankful I don’t have a clue, it is probably scary in there.
   I consume a lot of stuff on my journey of life and faith, whether it be food for body, food for mind, or food for soul. Some of it nourishes me and contributes to my health and wholeness, some of it would have been better left alone and simply served a detriment to my overall health, and some of it … well, I am still wondering why I consumed it in the first place.
   I suppose whether we are reading a book, listening to the news, surfing the web, or pulling our chair up to the table, we would do well to consider what we are putting in our minds, our souls, and our mouths. Something to ponder this week as you journey along, watch out for that junk food, those empty calories, and that mind numbing fluff, and seek out the things of the Kindom, the grace, that leads to health and love.
   Well, enough pondering for today, I better go check and see what flavor box Simeon has had today.


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2 Responses to “You Are What You Eat”

  1. Becky Says:

    We have a 6 year old weim that does this. Library books are his favorite. He has a taste for crayons too.

  2. Sara McFarland Says:

    Loved this analogy — wish I could see things in my everyday life and put two and two together like you can! What a blessing that you share with us!!!!

    My mother always said the same thing — watch what you take in; sooner or later it’ll become a part of you. One of her favorite scriptures (and mine as well…I try to remember it often) is Phil. 4:8 — “…think on these things.”

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