Running the Race

   Recently it has been a little cold for me to do my normal walk. I am looking forward to warmer weather. I have been frequenting the treadmill more and more though I prefer to walk outside. Simeon, however, does not seem particularly interested in the treadmill; well actually he leaves the room and goes upstairs when I fire it up.
   So lately I have just loaded him up and taken him out north of town in the pickup and let him run. I love to watch him run and he thoroughly enjoys it. He has a very pretty run about him. I imagine him in slow motion as I watch his muscles and his loose skin ripple with each stride he takes. He just loves to run. Oh, he gets distracted pretty easy with his keen eyesight. A bird or a rabbit caught in the corner of his eye, sometimes almost out of my eyesight. I can see him zero in as he shifts into a higher gear and away he goes.
   I was watching him today as he ran, he got that wrinkled look on his brow as he darted into the snow-filled ditch and cornered something, I can only imagine what it was, perhaps a mouse, but I never did see it, but he had seen whatever it was from the road and was determined to catch it.
   I did finally coax him away so we could finish his exercise and head back to town. I had to laugh at his distraction, it reminded me of the movie “Up” and “Squirrel!” for those who have seen it. But as I drove back I wondered if perhaps it was less than distraction and more an attentiveness or mindfulness in his full-out run. He is running full-bore down a county road and has the presence of mind, the sharpness of vision, to see a mouse in the road ditch. Pretty remarkable I suppose.
   Perhaps I can learn another lesson from my companion today. I am called by our sacred texts to run the race with perseverance, keeping my eye on Christ. Sometimes I think I run the race so well, or at least think I am running it well, and I miss a lot in the process. Sometimes I wonder if I run the race so well I can even miss Christ in the process.
   So my prayer this day is, “God in whom we live and move and have our being, stay close as I run the race, as I live in grace, but keep me mindful of those around me, lest in my journey I miss the little things, or even worse, the important things … You in all whom I meet.”

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One Response to “Running the Race”

  1. bree Says:

    Change is never easy. I am sorry you and your family are going through an uncomfortable time. Hard to leave loved friends behind. Hope your new post will bring you as much happiness as the one you are leaving.

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