Come Back!

   Simeon always enjoys when I join him in the backyard for a little romp. Saturday I joined him back there with ladder in hand. It was finally time to take the Christmas Lights down, yes I know, it is almost March. I told someone if I just changed all the bulbs to green we could use them for Saint Patrick’s Day, but taking them down seemed a little easier.
   Anyway, Simeon was more than a little distressed when I did not throw his ball, or chase him across the yard, but rather climbed the ladder to the roof. For just a minute he placed his paws on the rug of the ladder as if to follow me but obviously changed his mind. He would run from one end of the house to the other watching and waiting for sight of me as I rolled the cords of lights getting ready to store them.
When I was finished and climbed down the ladder there he was waiting dutifully at the bottom ready to resume my attention back upon him. I think I have mentioned before that he things the universe revolves around him.
   At the risk of sounding a bit heretical or sacrilegious, I wondered as I watched him running back and forth just waiting for me to return, about the relationship between that kind of attention and our relationship with God. Maybe there is a reason dog and God use the same letters.
   So many times I wander off the path, I get busy with “stuff” and my devotional life suffers, or my prayer time gets shortened, or my study gets set aside, my communion with God can seem a bit diminished. And in those times, in some respect, I believe God is always there calling us back, eagerly trying to get our attention back upon our relationship, anxiously waiting our return to the things of faith, compassion, justice, mercy, and forgiveness. I am reminded of the story of the Prodigal, God watching all along for the return, and when we do … there is a party.
   I pray during this season of Lenten self-reflection we all encounter God who is drawing us closer, and anxiously waiting to deepen our experience and relationship.


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