Pace Yourself

   I have been looking forward to more Spring-like weather. This last week was a welcome change from the cold and wind that we have been having. The other day the temperature was up in the high fifties maybe into the sixties. Simeon and I took off on our walk, it was a beautiful day and a good day to get back into the walking and exercise routine.
   I decided to walk down to the sandpit and around, Simeon likes to go to the pit because there are so many “things” to investigate … some “things” I wish he would not be quite so curious of but be enjoys the run when I turn him loose there.
   We arrived at the pit and when we were away from the main road I unhooked his leash and away he went! Every now and then for his own exercise benefit I would reach down and pick up a stick and heave it to the bottom of the pit and Simeon dutifully charges down the side of the pit and then back up to the road to my side for a moment and “sometimes” he actually brings the stick back!
   We have been used to walking in the cold and I have never been sure whether the cold walks actually wear him down or just soup him up. Sometimes when we get back from our walk on a cold day he seems more energetic than when we left, but this day would be different. As he charged up and down the slope of the pit and out away from me, back and forth it seemed to me he was starting to slow down a bit. We were about three quarters the way around the pit when I realized I had not seen him for a few minutes so I whistled and called to him. I turn around to see him sitting in the middle of the road behind me, frothing at the mouth, panting furiously, and tongue hanging almost to the ground… he was tuckered out!
   It is good to pace yourself on this journey of life, as we run the race with perseverance. When we read our sacred texts we often find Jesus going off to a quiet place to rest and pray. We can get so caught up in what we are doing, where we are going, the things we need to get done, the people we need to see, that we can find ourselves sitting in the middle of the road of life and not be able to carry on, tired, worn down, worn out… it is good to take time, to rest, to “BE” in the presence of God and to let that Spirit renew and refresh us for the journey.
   I do not know if Simeon learned this lesson I found in his run that day. I suppose he will continue to run full out until he gets used to the warmer weather, until then I will take note and at least try to pace myself and be mindful of the Spirit of the Divine in my midst along the Way, I pray you do the same.

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