Walking in the Dark

   Simeon and I waited until after eight last night to go for a walk. Needless to say it was dark by the time we got our three miles in. It always amazes me what Simeon can see even in the darkness, I swear not a cat or a dog or any other living thing moving about under the cover of night misses his eye. I tend to be a light lover.
   I am pondering street lights this morning. When I walk in the dark I am always looking ahead to the next circle of light under the street lamps. Later this summer there will usually be bugs swarming around the fixture and a toad or two underneath waiting for a late night snack.
   But the circle of light only reaches so far, it is a beacon, a marker, a place to see and journey toward. When I am in the dark sometimes I just have to trust I am not going to encounter anything I would rather not. Sometimes I suppose I hope Simeon sees whatever it might be before I do and he would give me good warning.
   Simeon’s presence there in the darkness can serve as a reminder. Sometimes in life and faith we have to journey through those dark times. The loss of a loved one, struggling through an illness, financial and employment issues, family issues, broken relationships, all of those things that cause our hearts to ache and our soul to long for presence.
   Hopefully though, we journey on with the care and support of friends and family. Hopefully we have a family of faith that is there in the dark as well as the light. And not unlike Simeon I suppose, as we journey toward that light around the next corner, there is the Divine Presence gently guiding us along, watching over us, bringing us through the valley.
   I pray you have such a family, or a family of faith, or good friends to help you through. I pray you know most profoundly the Presence of God in your midst, close by like the very air you breathe. Until next time, know God is with you.


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One Response to “Walking in the Dark”

  1. Alastair (aka JRT) Says:

    From what you have mentioned of your weight in the past, you could hardly call yourself a “light lover” 😉

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