I had someone at the house doing some work in the yard today and to relieve a little stress on Simeon I brought him to the church with me. I did not want him all worked up in the house by himself, no telling what he would be capable of unsupervised with someone wandering around in his yard!
   He obeys pretty well when we tell him to sit and lay down. It is the stay he has trouble with. I got him to lie down on the plastic chair mat in front of my desk while I worked on the computer. Now and then he would get up to greet someone when they came into the office, or if one of us said something to him.
   One person came in the office and before I could command him or collar him he was out of my office into Cindy’s office greeting the newcomer in our midst. I had to literally chase him into the hall to get him back to his designated place in my office.
   I have heard it said that in a place of buisness, and I suspect it would apply to the church as well, that a person’s perception of that place is locked within the first three to ten seconds they walk in the door. If they are greeted immediately their impression is generally good, if they have to look to be greeted or helped, they may never come back again.
   As I sit here at my desk I think of how many times someone walks in the front door of our church, in full view of me at my desk, and I still wait until them come to the office door to greet them.
   There goes that silly dog of mine teaching me a lesson again! He certainly does not wait until someone comes close to greet them; he brings the greeting to them. I will try and do better wherever I find myself to be a better model of hospitality and grace when greeting the stranger or the friend.


One Response to “Greetings!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Just try not to slobber!

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