There sits on my desk an old fashioned tablet and a box of large Crayola Markers. They are a gift from my boys after a melt down of my technology. I had lost my entire calendar and contact information on my phone and laptop and swore I was going back to a Big Chief Tablet and a box of those chubby Crayons! I have not done it yet but the tools are close at hand.
   This last Sunday we had significant technological issues in the sanctuary and this week the calendar on my phone refuses to sync with my laptop. I have learned to attribute my many high tech snafu’s to “Bad Technology Karma or Mojo” it feels like to me I have more than my fair share! If it can mess up, quit working, shut-down, go blank, or get the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” I can do it, usually without even laying a hand on it!
   Frustration I suppose is just a part of life. A wise one once said “If you never make any mistakes, you probably aren’t doing anything.” Seems I must be pretty busy! We journey through this life together and sometimes things go really well, sometimes we find ourselves wishing to go back to simpler things like tablets and crayons, sometimes we find ourselves just wanting to go back to bed and pulling the covers up over our heads!
   But in the context of a family of faith, a group gathered with like minds, like dreams, like hopes, we know that even in the midst of frustration we are not alone. We are connected in and through that Spirit that binds us each to the other with cords that cannot be broken. We belong to one another and we struggle together, we dance together, we cry together, and laugh together.
   I trust the technicians who know computers will get me and us back up into the 21st Century this week, in the mean time we will keep moving ahead in trust and grace.


2 Responses to “Together”

  1. Liz Says:

    Maybe it is time to gather in a circle, hold hands and sing the hymn, “bind us together”. Technology aside, it’s the relationships, the binding together through the spirit that carries us through! Technology is, sometimes, such a bother!

  2. Barb Starr Says:

    When I read your thoughts, Kent, I always feel filled with love. Blessings, old friend.

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