Shedding Stuff

   The other day as I unpacked a box I ran across Simeon’s “Furminator” brush. It is a special brush designed to comb out the undercoat which is what is lost in the shedding process. Simeon evidently has a LOT of undercoat because he seems to leave it everywhere!
   I was going outside to do some other things and remembered his brush, so I retrieved it and invited him to go outside with me. He doesn’t really mind being brushed though it is not one of his favorite things. Every now and then we will use the vacuum on him with a special attachment, which he tolerates fairly well and it does a decent job removing the loose stuff. When we have used the vacuum we swear we can see him roll his eyes in resignation.
   Anyway, I sat in the backyard with him and brushed. I am not sure how long I brushed but by the time he and I were both ready for me to stop I had enough hair on the grass to create a near life size replica of Simeon. If I used my imagination he even looked a little thinner and was surely cooler by that point!
   Wouldn’t that be convenient for us? Not in regards to shedding our hair, I have pretty much shed all the hair on my head, but rather something that would help us shed all the stuff we carry around. Not just material stuff, which in a move like we just went through emphasizes the need to shed stuff, but also the stuff we carry around on the inside. The things that weigh us down, heart and soul; bitterness, anger, hatred, bigotry, being judgemental or unforgiving, ageism, fear … the list can get pretty long.
   It was something to ponder as I carried the large ball of fur to the dumpster. It is something to ponder as I look within my own life and faith and across the sea of faces which is humanity, who are my family, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, gender, or class. It is something to ponder as I shed my own predjudices and embrace ALL my brothers and sisters with open arms and open hands.


2 Responses to “Shedding Stuff”

  1. tanya Says:

    Awesome thinking! I try my best to accomplish This also. Never put that concept together when I furminate prince! Guess that’s why ur the pastor and I am not!

  2. pilgrim Says:

    I often pack up a lot of hurt, bitterness and other such stuff and haul it off to the dumping place. Often when I get back home it is waiting for me on my front stoop. Reguardless, I keep trying.

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