The Current Political Fray

   I have in years past threatened, tongue in cheek, to vote “No” in government elections when asked who I was voting for. This upcoming election just reinforces that sentiment! It also brings to light similar blog writings from past weeks here at my spot. Our words matter, and I for one, am tired of the words that are being passed around.
   The campaigns have sunk to an all time low in my opinion. Candidates say they are going to keep the campaign focused on the issues and not personal attacks in one breath and lead the way in personal attacks in the next, slinging mud from one end of the state and nation to the other.
Right now the most heated debate is in the Republican camp for Congress and Senate, oh let me rephrase that, the most heated mudslinging is in the Republican camp for Congress and Senate, though experience tells me no party affiliation is immune to the issue, because it is anything but a debate. The Campaigns are not about the issues, the campaigns are about how bad one can make the other one look. The campaigns are not about how one can make our world a better place, it is about how one can make the other look like a sleazy, lying politician as if the one doing the slinging is somehow not a politician themselves.
   In recent days the camps have changed their tunes, trying to come off as, “I’m really not like this, I am a mild mannered, no nonsense, nice person.” Well, as for one who will be doing the voting I suspect, at least for me, it is too little too late. Maybe they should have started that way, or maybe they should actually be that way rather than trying to put forth a sturdy, focused, high quality character now.
   As a pastor in the Christian tradition I draw from our sacred texts for help and guidance as well as the sacred texts of other faith traditions. One of my favorites comes from the book of Micah, “What does the Divine require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.” My impression to date, for candidates who would seem to espouse a faithful rhetoric and philosophy, I can say with confidence I have yet to see anything just, kind, or humble in the current political fray.
   I pray as we move through the primary to the general election that the mud would dry up, that justice would indeed roll down like an ever-flowing stream, that kindness would grace our words, and humility might be the rule rather than the exception because our words are the voice of our heart and to quote a dear friend of mine, “Our words matter.”


2 Responses to “The Current Political Fray”

  1. Alastair (aka JRT) Says:

    I have always been strongly influenced by Micah 6:8. Amen bro!

  2. Cal Wiebe Says:

    Amen, and again I say amen.

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