Being Mindful

   A couple of weeks ago I heard quite a commotion in the back room. I jumped up and ran to the back of the house where Simeon, quite excited, was standing guard at the backdoor. TruDee explained he had seen an opossum in the backyard and was determined to go outside and greet it. Much to Simeon’s displeasure TruDee nor I would let him go out to investigate.
   Now each evening after it gets dark Simeon is always on the wrong side of the backdoor. If he is inside the house he paces back and forth until we let him out. When we do finally let him go out the door he makes a leap over the steps and I swear he has learned to turn 180 degrees in the air so when he lands he is looking back toward the steps to see if the opossum is still there. He is convinced he will see that varmint in our yard again and refuses to give up catching a glimpse in the darkness.
   I think about such expectation on my own journey. One of my spiritual practices is to try and remain mindful of the Spirit in our midst. Whether I am walking through nature and minding the leaves of a tree in the breeze, an ant making its way across the sidewalk or sitting in the quiet of my office in the early morning light, I seek to hear the voice of Wisdom and Love with a lesson for me.
   I suspect one finds what they are looking for in this life. If one wants to find bitterness and fear they will. I prefer to seek out and find witness to Love and Grace, and so I suspect I will continue to find it if I am looking.
   I suspect Simeon will keep looking until he finally sees what it is he seeks. With that in mind here is a word of encouragement from Simeon, keep looking, keep expecting to see, stay mindful of the Spirit of Love in the world around you and your heart and soul will be opened and the light will shine.


One Response to “Being Mindful”

  1. Alastair (aka JRT) Says:

    For years my little Jack Russell Terrier bitch was tormented by a huge old tom cat who would walk the top of our privacy fence or peer in at her through the doors to our deck. Whenever we let her out Karma would behave just like Simeon as she searched the yard for her tormentor. Then one morning about a year ago I innocently let her out and in one rush and gigantic leap from the deck she was on the cat. The cat escaped and was last seen limping badly. Karma has been walking around with a big doggy grin ever since. Even her similar encounter with a skunk hasn’t changed anything.

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