Where You Are

   Simeon told me I needed to talk about his buddy Hobbes this week; he said it with a smirk on his face. So this week Hobbes the cat is the topic for discussion.
   TruDee has one of those scented candle heaters sitting in the back room. They probably have a more technical name than that but it was all I could come up with besides a candle “melter” and that isn’t even a word according to the red spell-check line on the computer. Anyway, I digress, she had her candle melting and filling the air with wonderful aromas.
   If you look up curiosity in the dictionary there is a picture of Hobbes next to it. One day, I suspect, if you look up “Curiosity Killed the Cat” you may find Hobbes’ picture next to that. He is the most curious cat I have ever been around, constantly poking his nose where it is best not poked and jumpy to a fault.
   This particular evening he was on top of the little freezer we have in the back room checking things out. The top of the freezer is where the candle heater sits. Unbeknownst to Hobbes as he was poking his nose around to see what he might see his tail found its way into the hot wax.
   As I write this I don’t recall if TruDee said he paid it much mind at first, whether he “yowled” or not as if it might have burned him, but he was very concerned about the lump of wax that was then following him around the house at the end of his tail. TruDee tried a couple of things to try and help him get it off to no avail but finally just the other night it loosened enough it came off, but not without some fur. Now the tip of his tail is, well, naked…it’s pretty funny at least Simeon thinks so.
   As I ponder Hobbes this morning it occurs to me whether we are on our journey through life, whether we are seeking ways to deepen our connection with one another and the Spirit, whether we are struggling to deal with the present moment or dreaming for the future it is important we look curiously and hopefully in the direction we are going. It is important to lay the vision out there in front of us to discover new and renewed ways of seeing life, love, and God in our midst.
   It is also important to pay attention to where we have been. To affirm those things that have worked well and learn from the mishaps we know we have had. I think though it is most important to know where we are and what we are doing, to stay grounded in the present moment.
   Staying here in this moment is not an easy task. It involves the gifts of being able to hold in tension our hopes and dreams for the future and our past experiences to guide and inform us so that we do not get our, nose in the wrong place or our tails in a pinch, so to speak.
   I am not sure Hobbes learned the lesson so well, but I encourage you this week to take some time to be present, to know from whence you have come, to think to where you might go, but most importantly, know where you are.

One Response to “Where You Are”

  1. pilgrim Says:

    I’ve known a lotta folks like Hobbs, and it seems that indeed wax would be difficult to get offa ones tail. In fact, most of us are known by the wax we carry sticking to us.

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