The reflection shared at our meeting last night moved my pondering for evening and this morning to thanksgiving. TruDee and I have been deciding what we are going to do for the holiday this year. Being with family is an important part of our tradition, now we just have to decide which family we are going to be with.
   The reflection encouraged us to be in the spirit of Thanksgiving always, to find something or someone every day for which to give thanks. It is a wonderful mindfulness practice to try to keep us focused in the now and on the positive.
   As I drove into the office this morning I was in my reflective mode as I perused the files of my mind to see and remember things that bring me thanksgiving and joy; family, health, the beautiful fall leaves, the brisk morning, and the fact that I woke up and am breathing. I have much to be thankful for I thought.
   I had to stand hard on the brakes to avoid hitting him as a driver crossed two lanes and then into the lane I was in cutting me off so he could make a last-minute right turn, “Jerk,” I muttered under my breath. And then, “Wait,” I said out loud to myself, a good lesson of the day. It was a reminder of how easily I let others disturb my peace. Even in the midst of being positive and thankful I let someone else bring an “un-thankful” thought to mind. It was a reminder of how hard it is sometimes to “practice what I preach.”
   I could have been thankful he did not hit me. I could have been thankful no one was behind me. I could have been thankful that I did not have a crisis in my life-like he may have had at the moment. I could have said a little prayer for him that the Spirit of Peace would also envelop him in his harried morning. And so…I did and I was, and it set my day back into the Way, and I hope a connection in the midst of my thoughts and prayers toward him found its way to his spirit on this beautiful fall morning.
   So as we move toward our Thanksgiving Day I give thanks for a reflection at meeting which caused me pause, I give thanks for life and love and this safe and sacred place where we continue to live into the very Love of God. I am reminded of Meister Eckhart’s words, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Take at least one moment each day to say “Thank You,” it will lift your heart and feed your spirit.

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One Response to ““Thanks””

  1. L.Wright Says:

    Thank you for your gentle reminder. School days are a whirlwind, with busy active 4th graders… for which I am thankful..and testing testing testing..for which I’m not so very thankful. I’m thankful for the warm smiles, and acceptance we are finding at College Hill. Not pushy, just welcoming.

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