Choice and Civil Discourse

There seems to be an increased chipping away at the current ability of health care providers and organizations to offer women choices regarding their reproductive health; politicians who seem to target Planned Parenthood to limiting qualified doctors to give medical treatment to their patients.
As I visit with others who have similar concerns it occurs to me that no one on either side of the issue is “for” abortion and civil discourse is needed. Those of us who support and trust women to make informed and intelligent decisions and choices hope to keep the current movement in check.
These decisions and choices are heart-wrenching enough without the added rhetoric of politicians and angry accusatory words entering the mix. I believe there are times, situations, and circumstances where abortion with medical, personal, emotional, and spiritual counsel needs to be a safe and legal choice for women and their families.
Here in Wichita we have seen the tragedy of continued vitriol language, it should cause us pause. As for me I will continue to support and trust women to make these choices and pray that this issue and discussion would be civil with a focus on understanding and compassion.


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One Response to “Choice and Civil Discourse”

  1. Kathryn Schuster Says:

    Thank you, Kent for these good words and good views! As my friends bumper sticker says “Prayerfully pro-choice”.

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