It’s Time

Someone asked today, “What is your dream?” My present dreaming is shaped by recent experiences as pastor and friend. As Easter Sunday approaches in the church I am pondering new life.
Reading news headlines; DOMA, DADT, A Gay Man Beaten to Death near Philadelphia, and Proposition 8; I dream.
I dream a day when all see the denial of such rights as unjust. I dream a day when men and women, gay and straight sit down to civil discussion without condemnation to some kind of hell. I dream a day these headlines are seen as dead because new life of love and full inclusion blossoms, replacing hatred and bigotry.
I dream a day when my GLBT brothers and sisters are embraced as the grace-filled children of God they are, and their love for one another holds the same degree of esteem and right as the love between myself and the love of my life.
A civil rights issue that I dream one day lies in the past to teach us, “Never Again!” I pray those who know this love of justice for all will stand with me in our society and in our churches because I believe, “It’s Time.”


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2 Responses to “It’s Time”

  1. Isaiah Big Says:

    Thank you for your post. I appreciate your intestinal fortitude and I hope you do well.

  2. Sara Says:

    I saw this editorial in the Eagle and googled to find out more about who you were. Glad I did — I’ve enjoyed reading more of your blog. 🙂 It’s refreshing to see a message of love, tolerance, and civil discourse.

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