I have a couple of different routes I take around the river when walking depending on how many miles I want to get in. I try to walk every day but of course depending on schedule I do not always make every day. Simeon does not seem to care one way or another as long as we walk.
Simeon, although I know he lives in “the moment” much better than I do does have a quite remarkable memory. He seems to know the pre-walk routine pretty well, as I come out of the bedroom with my walking shorts and t-shirt and sit down to put on my shoes he starts getting wound up pacing back and forth between me and the door.
As we walk it even appears he remembers which houses have the yappy dogs as we make our way toward the river, looking intently waiting for them to start their warnings. Mostly though, I notice his memory as we make our turns along the route. I have even intentionally acted as if I was going to keep going straight in some places just to see what he will do. He turns anyway pulling against the leash and looking at me like I am lost. He remembers where to turn, he remembers the landmarks, and he remembers the spot we always wander down to the river so he can get a drink. His memory guides us both as we journey along.
This next weekend is Memorial Day, a day originally set aside to honor our soldiers and veterans who have given their lives in service to our country. Over the years the holiday has expanded to remembering all of those saints, all of those who have died whom we lived or who loved us, it is a day for remembering.
I believe remembering is a sacred event; it was one of the last things Jesus told his closest friends to do as they gathered around the table, “remember” he said. Memories of those who have loved us, those who have taught us, remembering those who have shaped us are guiding lights for us as we journey through this life, helping us along the way as we note the landmarks and twists and turns of life.
I will continue to pay attention as Simeon and I continue on our journeys and I hope you will join me in the coming days in that sacred act of remembering and knowing those who still guide us along the way. That Great Cloud of Witnesses who are still connected to us with love from which we cannot be separated, those we can see and those we cannot, reason to remember, reason to give thanks.


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