Freedom and Justice for All

This past weekend was filled with celebration! Good food, family, singing, flag waving, and fireworks. Simeon likes a good celebration as much as the next dog though he could do without the fireworks. I think I can remember the moment he was unimpressed with loud BOOM’s, it was a lightning strike in the early hours one morning when he was little. Now he doesn’t care for thunderstorms either. I suppose the fireworks remind him of that, sometimes I think it would be interesting to know what goes on inside his head.
He doesn’t go and hide or get in his crate when the celebrating or the thunderstorms begin the show, he paces and whines. He moves from the front door to the back, back and forth with a worried look on his brow. Now and then he will lay down with our encouragement but it is short-lived. Last evening at the fireworks were going off in our neighborhood our 65 pound baby spent some snuggle time in our laps, he is a nut.
I believe it is important to celebrate our country and our freedom; it is cause to gather together and remember why we love our country. I also believe it is important to acknowledge the fact that though we live in a country founded in freedom and liberty not everyone experiences those things as fully as others. It is important to take pause and remember in the midst of our freedoms and voicing justice for all, not everyone in our country is experiencing equality. It is important to do a little pacing and speaking and working until liberty and justice for all is a reality for all of us.
While some are willing to claim and institute the freedoms we have for themselves, it causes concern when those same ones use their freedom to deny the freedom of others. Freedom is not a device to rule or to lord over those who disagree. Freedom is not a means of confrontation and control. Freedom is an inward stance that gives the other space to be. Freedom is a place to begin conversation not to stifle, it is that state of mind and soul that allows me to stand with my sister and brother and work hand in hand until all … all are free.
And so a lesson from Simeon, enjoy a good celebration but be ever aware of the concern that goes along with it. Keep watch at the doors of freedom and justice lest they are not open to all, speak when it is time to speak, stick close together, and know God is with us and will not let us go.
It is one of the many ways we seek to be faithful to the Spirit and one another here at the Hill, where you are one of the family. Here where there is always an open door, a safe space, a warm welcome, and a place at the table.


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