A Pondering in Rhyme

“Thump” resounded in my office as I peered out through the panes lining a North wall.
“Thump” I thought as I continued my pondering, just a noise and that was all.

I wondered what it was in the early morning light,
Because I was looking, seeing, but something had escaped my sight.

So I rose from my rest and wandered out the sliding door to see what I could not see,
There on the ground, on the cold hard concrete was a creature still and no longer free.

I stretched the temporary security holding the gate,
Stepping close I looked at the broken one lying in a motionless state.

With the edge of my shoe I nudged this little one with feather colored in art.
I was surprised to have the life return as it sprung to its feet giving me quite a start.

We stood toe to toe for what seemed a very long time,
Gazing at one another, me with my smile and the little one with feather fine.

I suspected my new found friend was not smiling at all,
After what appeared to be clear sailing ending with a fall.

It cocked its head back and forth in question and with a chastising chirp,
Took to wing and fluttered away out of stone, leaf, and dirt.

I stood and watched as it flew, darting here and there, and then out of sight.
I went back to my perch in my office warm and light,

I wondered upon wonder as I peered again through the glass,
How long we inside the church will continue to say we see and …alas,

All the while willingly unaware of those yearning for a warm and welcome place,
Lying cold and broken just outside that clear but present barrier to grace,

On our front step, left outside, behind, turned away this One, the Christ,
How long will it take to see what we refuse to see, the Light Free and Bright.


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