I Attended a Wedding Tonight

I attended a wedding tonight. It was held in a classy room decorated in oranges, reds, and green. There were small fish bowls on the tables with live goldfish swimming unaware among pink jewels that tinted the water. Glasses and a bottle of champagne were placed at each table and message of love and romance graced chairs here and there randomly found.

Along walls and over the dance floor there were mirrors that made the room look some bigger than it actually was. The dance floor was covered with a white cloth and on a small table there sat a several containers one empty to be filled later by the couple with colored sand found in other containers on the table. Down the center aisle laid a runner of satin waiting for the wedding party to process as we sat in anticipation of the time to start.

Along another wall was an assortment of goodies from punch to mixed nuts, mints, fruit, crackers, cheese, and other wedding appropriate fair and finally a table with a display of wedding cupcakes awaited the reception.

Grandma was the first to be ushered in and found her designated place. Then came the one who would officiate the ceremony followed by the flower girls, the ring bearer, attendants and finally the couple we had been waiting for. The couple was escorted each by their parents and took their place at the front to share their public commitment and their love for each other.

The official, obviously touched by this time of celebration, pastorally shared a bit of their story and how they had come to know one another, become friends, and finally to know they were meant to be, to be together forever.

They shared vows of faithfulness, of commitment, of grace, support, compassion, and love. In the midst of their vows they promised to trust in God and one another to keep their love true and faithful. The couple exchanged rings and acknowledged the meaning and symbolism the rings held for them in this time and in the times ahead on their journey of life and love. There was a prayer, the pronouncement; the kiss, the applause and cheers, and finally the recessional back down the satin runner from whence they had come.

There were hugs and tears, there were toasts and cheers, there was punch and cake, and there was music and dancing. It was for all intents and purposes a typical and ordinary celebration of the love between two people as they began their married lives together. Though somewhere down deep I knew it was not ordinary at all, though I longed for it to be. As I sat and took it all in, I remembered thinking before I came I was not sure how I would feel, being an onlooker rather than a participant…and I realized what a selfish thought that had been. Because this moment was not about me or how I felt, this moment was about love.

I attended a wedding tonight. I attended a marriage tonight and I was moved and held once again in the very Presence of Love. These two brides were/are a testament to the power of love. These two beautiful women so obviously deeply and profoundly in love were/are what was witnessed to in the words of Paul shared so eloquently by their minister and at that moment I came to know in a powerful way that indeed, love will prevail. For love, true love, will indeed “bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. Love, true love will not be denied, though there may be attempts to limit, detain, condemn, and belittle, love will not be silenced, love will not be imprisoned, and love will be triumphant in the end. It always has been, it always will.


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