Breaking Free

The saga of Simeon’s battle with the wireless yard boundary continued this past week. I had arrived home after work and let Simeon out and started working on putting something together for supper. TruDee arrived home as she usually does around 5:30pm. We visited for a bit and sat down in the living room to watch the news.

TruDee looked around the house and then said, “Is Simeon outside?” I said, “Oh yes, didn’t he greet you when you came home?” His nightly routine always involves waiting impatiently for “Mama” to get home. TruDee said, “No.” That was not a good sign he had obviously had a jail break and was out on his own.

I ran out of the house and called and whistled to no avail and went in to get my truck keys.
The neighbors were heading out for a walk so we gave them my cell phone number and asked if they saw Simeon to give me a call. I jumped in the pickup and sat for just a moment wondering to myself, “Where do I start? He could be anywhere!”

I decided to start two blocks to the west where we used to live and drove with my window down whistling now and then to see if I could catch his attention. Within three blocks there he was, just a block north of our previous house. I stopped, opened my door, whistled and called him to me. He was happy to see me as if nothing was out of sorts, ran across the street and jumped in the car and sat in his passenger seat. All’s well again in the world of Simeon and his household.

I wondered if the fence was not working so tested it and it was still sending and receiving. I tried a couple of different methods of coaxing him across the boundary after we arrived home but he would have nothing of it. We decided he must have been chasing a cat or a squirrel and breached the boundary and just kept on going.

I was so thankful we found him quickly. When he happily jumped in the truck and acted happy to see me pondered which one of us in that moment was lost. He did not seem concerned at all. He had, in his new found freedom, seemingly returned to that which was familiar from another time and place, back to our old street and block. I was the one frantic at the thought that he would be lost or worse. It was good for me to bring him back home, where we all belong together, our place and space of welcome and family.

I suppose that speaks well of a welcoming faith community at times. I am reminded of the saying, “All who wander are not lost.” Sometimes I encounter those along my journey of faith who think I am lost, but I always share with them, I know where I am in my walk and place in and with God. There are those in our midst at CHUM who have come here because they have felt lost and find welcome, grace, and place in our community. I am so thankful for a community of faith that is willing to test the boundaries of the status quo and sometimes even bolt through them. I am so thankful for a community of faith that feels familiar, affirming, welcoming, and like home. I pray it is such a place for you as well.

It is one of the many ways we seek to be mindful of the Spirit and one another here at the Hill, where you are one of the community. Here where there is always an open door, a safe space, a warm welcome, and a place at the table. Not Your Ordinary Church. Until next week, God bless, and know you are never alone.

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