Dream Big and Rest

On one of those beautiful days last week I took the two boys, Simeon and Moz, for the first long walk of the coming Spring. I mapped out a route from our house that covered just over three and a half miles. I thought that was a good distance for us to begin our Spring and Summer routine. Both of them are always very enthused when I get out the walking collars and leashes. Out the front door we went, two seventy pound dogs dragging me down the sidewalk. It usually takes a good couple of blocks to get them settled into any sense of rhythm and pace, up until that point it is generally controlled chaos as they go from side to side and front to back checking out the world outside the fenced in backyard.

Simeon is used to the routine and does pretty well on a three to five mile walk, though when it begins to get warmer that is about all he wants. This experience was the first time I have taken Moz on an extended walk for his exercise. He did really well for the first couple of miles, but after that it became increasingly evident he was getting tired. He would vacillate between lagging just behind me to leaning into my leg as we walked.

We rounded the corner for the last couple of blocks to the house when Moz evidently decided he had had enough! He just stopped. A seventy pound Shar Pei, that is built low to the ground, is not an easy object to move, or drag, or carry…he just stopped, panting, and stared at me with a “I’m done now,” look on his face. I realized I may have overestimated Moz’s current physical condition and ability to complete the task I set before him.

You know whether one is pondering exercise, considering life and faith, or moving forward in a community of faith it is always good to consider one’s resources, possibilities, as well as one’s limits. Pacing oneself and a community is a good thing. It can be especially difficult in a culture and society addicted to instant gratification. We as individuals and communities tend to want exceptional, measurable, and extraordinary results…now! we don’t tend to be very patient.

Take some time this week to ponder and consider the journey you and we are on. Recognize the incredible gifts, accomplishments, and progress you and we have made on this journey of life and faith. Be grateful for how far we have come and dream into the bright future that is in store for each of us. But take time for rest and reflection, knowing the incredible dreams we dream as well as consider the limitations of reality.

I did finally coax Moz to finish the last couple of blocks to the house where he had a healthy drink and a nap. In the midst of this journey we walk and in the midst of all this, know we are immersed in the Presence of God who hold us and draws us forward to great things and…to rest.

It is one of the many ways we seek to be mindful of the Spirit and one another here at the Hill, where you are one of the community. Here where there is always an open door, a safe space, a warm welcome, and a place at the table. Not Your Ordinary Church. Until next week, God bless, and know you are never alone.

Peace and Light on Your Journey,
Pastor Kent


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