Supreme Court Decision Same Gender Marriage, Letter to the Editor October 8, 2014

I applaud the decision of the Supreme Court to deny gay marriage appeals, though as of Wednesday of this week it appears the struggle is far from over. As a person of the Christian faith I hope one day rights and privileges afforded me and my spouse will one day be granted to all LGBTQ persons as well.

Though there are religious communities who do not embrace full inclusion of LGBTQ persons and same gender relationships and marriage, which is within their freedom of religious rights, there are growing number of us, the community I serve included, who are in full support of equality in our communities of faith.

But this is not just a religious matter, some say it is a state’s rights issue. Same gender marriage is an issue of rights, however, a state does not have the right to discriminate against a couple simply because of their orientation. When a state passes a law that is unjust, discriminatory, and not in keeping with our constitution the Federal Government should step in and provide for civil and equal rights under the law.

I look forward to the day soon when the law banning same gender marriage is overturned here in the great State of Kansas and civil and legal rights are restored to those who have been denied and discriminated against. May it be soon.

Rev. Kent H. Little, Senior Pastor
College Hill United Methodist Church


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One Response to “Supreme Court Decision Same Gender Marriage, Letter to the Editor October 8, 2014”

  1. Judi Says:

    Colorado has stated that the federal government trumps our state law so LGBTQ folks can marry (and have) here. I believe that churches can still say no as there is another avenue for marriage through the court house.

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