Just a Few Mothering Words

My mom was a Saint, look up “Unconditional Love” in the dictionary and you may find this image in the midst of the text as illustration, Mom and Meand yes I know I am expressing my own personal bias, but it is my story and I’m sticking to it. That being said, as I ponder Mother’s Day come tomorrow, even though I can never fully express what and who my own mom was and is for me, I have encountered over the years many who mothered me. Each community in which we lived while I grew up, there would always emerge a mother figure who would on one level or another become a mother figure to me, some of whom I even referred to and still do refer to as “Mom,” I tend to believe it was orchestrated by mom because as a result of her disease she was not always able to be present, though that is just speculation. I also include the one I was fortunate to refer to as Mom because of whose daughter I was fortunate enough to marry.

I can still name a good number of them, Auntie (Medrith), Maxine, Iverna, Gerry, Phyllis, and Gladys … they were and are all Moms to me and always will be. I have come to know, for me anyway, Mother’s Day is about love, unconditional love, not just blood relation. I believe my Mom, Nadine Robinson Little, would agree with me.

I have also come to believe because of what I have witnessed in this journey of life and faith, Mother’s Day traverses gender as well. I have seen those who mother in the gentleness and love of both female and male friends and acquaintances. Being one who mothers is one who loves without condition without limit of gender or blood relation. I believe my own Mom, Nadine Robinson Little would agree with me.

So, in this short mini-blog I would simply say, thank you Mom for the gift of unconditional love and what you taught me and still teach me about grace, inclusion, embrace, mothering, and what unconditional love looks like in the flesh. Thank you to all the “moms” who nurtured me and cared for me along my journey. Thank you to the mom who welcomed me into the family and offered me healthy, interesting drinks early in the morning, and would have loved me whether I drank them or not. And thank you to all those, female and male, in whose lives I see the unconditional embrace of love, true love, that can never die and from which we can never be separated.

Gratefully … Kent

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