An Ally for Caitlyn Jenner and All Who Struggle to Be

I have read several comments and articles at this point on Caitlyn Jenner. I confess there is some struggle on my part with the commercialization and sensationalism around the Jenner story as well as the Kardashians that has made me really rather ignore the whole story. And yet there is something that draws me to the reading I have done.

There is something within that hurts my heart to read the hurtful, hate-filled, and bullying type language expressed by society in general and in particular from those who profess to be followers of Jesus. And there is something inspiring about those who have expressed support and care for her as she has made this, quite literally, life changing decision.

As a straight, male, heterosexual I do not pretend to understand all that is involved with such a struggle to become that which one is destined to be at the risk of ostracism and rejection, I cannot, and yet I can try to better understand. On some minimal level I have on my own journey known the struggle to simply become and be present at this point in my journey of life and faith, which has not been without criticism and intolerance from some from time to time. But my experience cannot possibly be equated to the struggles, suffering, and rejection my friends and family who are LGBTQ have endured in order to be true to themselves.

That being said, even with my lack of understanding and experience, I can still be compassionate. I can still strive to understand more deeply. I can still be present. I can still appreciate the courage and depth of character it takes to embrace the reality of who one is at the risk of losing relationship, family, job, home, and even life.

So, I am present here on my journey to say I applaud Caitlyn Jenner and all those who are transgender, all of those who have the presence of mind, spirit, and body to claim who they were created to be by the One who loves us all without condition. And I am an Ally of not only these, but also those who live in fear of loss and violence who are unable to fully be in their world today.

I am not finished along this journey of understanding and I know I have those who will help me along the way to be a better friend, pastor, and human being as we are all immersed in the Presence from which none of us can ever be separated…the Presence of Love.

Pondering continues …

An Ally Along the Journey…
Rev. Kent H. Little


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