The Funk


You ever have one of those days that, though you can’t really put your finger on it, everything just seems a bit off? Every now and then there are those days I describe as, “Being in a Funk,” just something about my energy, demeanor, pondering, and attitude that just seems a bit skewed. Yesterday was one of those days, oh generally I do a relatively good job of functioning and not being too obvious, but internally it happens, it just does.

TruDee and I had a quiet afternoon and evening yesterday, it was good medicine. I have to wonder too if Simeon recognized the funk in my yesterday afternoon. He generally, while a very loving and calm dog, is not particularly cuddly by any stretch. He will let you give him a pet or an ear scratch but he is pretty content just being present at a bit of a distance, unless there is a thunderstorm happening. Yesterday afternoon while I was sitting on the couch he came over to me, hopped up with his front paws on the cushion and leaned in close to my face for an extended ear scratch and a little extra attention. After a time I told him, “Okay,” and he hopped down and was content to return to his bed across the room.

You know sometimes on this journey of life and faith it is important to be attentive to self, to find time to breathe in the midst of anxiety, change, world troubles, and find comfort in and with those who love us. I think it can become easy for us to become disheartened when listening to the news and all the struggles of our world. We hear of so much injustice, hatred, bigotry, discrimination, violence, and just plain craziness.

Yesterday during worship there was a reminder to be aware of those times we need to do the often difficult work of changing the world around us and those times when we just need to let it be. It is important to be mindful of our peace, to be mindful of our presence and place in the middle of that tension of kindom work and personal, mental and spiritual well-being; to be mindful of our mind, body, soul, and heart and to be aware that we are all immersed in the Spirit of Love who holds and fills all of us.

Take some time this week to nourish your relationship with God, deepen your relationship with those who love you and whom you love, be they partner, family, friend, or the Simeon’s in your life. It is good medicine for all of us, it is good medicine for the world.

It is one of the many ways we seek to be mindful of the Spirit and our world here at the Hill, where you are one of the community. Here where there is always an open door, a safe space, a warm welcome, and a place at the table. Not Your Ordinary Church. Until next week, God bless, and know you are never alone.

Peace and Light on Your Journey,
Pastor Kent

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