Full of Facebook

I’ve been in a ponderous mood today in the midst of reading and the writing on a final paper for my school work. Actually, it has been more than just today, I have been in a bit of a funk of late. Nothing huge on my part, just the culmination of a lot of things, all the ups and downs of life I suppose.

The struggles of our world, our country and its current political and cultural unrest, our state, the state of the church in general, the struggles of our United Methodist Church specifically, the difficulties of life and of suffering and death for friends and family, and just a funk in general.

Though I know in the grand scheme of things I have so very much to be grateful for and I am, there are days and seasons when on one level or another we humans can journey through that dark night of the soul written of by Saint John of the Cross. This journey of life is filled with not only the mountain top experiences but the valleys that can weigh heavy on our hearts and souls.

I shared with someone the other day, “I’m tired, just tired.” I have so many in my life, the most inspiring of which is my partner and spouse, who find ways to lift me out of these kinds of funks when I find myself there. I am and continue to be eternally grateful for them.

Today was a much needed day for me, a day in which I celebrate the anniversary of my birth. It began with a simple gift and an embrace, a reminder of love. This day has become enhanced over the last few years, enhanced by technology and connection. Ever since the advent of Facebook and my journey into such social media this day has become a well for me, a well which fills my cup, and this year most profoundly.

Here in the midst of my funk, over three hundred of my “friends” took perhaps all of ten to twenty seconds, some more, to say Happy Birthday, share words of affirmation and encouragement, a picture of a cake, balloons, a peaceful lake, TRex’s, even a farting dinosaur cartoon.

The reason I say “friends” is that some of these who have taken the time to acknowledge our connection I have known all my life, some I have known for twenty or thirty years, some I have known only a few years, a few months, a few weeks, and some I have never actually met, but are friends of friends of friends of friends. Some of them are of like mind in philosophy, theology, vocation, and politic, and some are perhaps even polar opposites. And yet in the midst of all this social networking… we are connected, connected enough to take a moment out of the day to say, “Hey! Thought of you today!”

So as the sun sinks below the horizon on this 57th anniversary of my birth, I want to take this moment and just say how very grateful I am for all of you who took the time to remember me, even for all of those who didn’t and yet I know we are connected as well. It is a reminder for me, for all of us, we get through this life best when we do it together. My funk has faded as I sit here near the love of my life and my home. My cup is full, full of Facebook, full of connection, full of life, and full of love, ready to take on the world once again until Justice IS, until Kindness IS, until we ARE the very Love of God in the world around us. It will be so! It will be SO!

Grateful for another year. Grateful for each and every one of you.

Peace and Light for Our Journey –



4 Responses to “Full of Facebook”

  1. Teresa Winger Martin Says:

    Kent, I so understand tired. I also think that in your reflections you should know how very much many of us enjoy your sharing your ponderings, your journey. You answered a tough call, we watched the struggle. So yes, today you are tired because you care for so kanh, so much.
    Simply thank you for how you touch lives is not much, but it’s all I have.
    – Teresa

  2. Mikela Nairn Chenoweth Says:

    Hi Kent! I see you on TV now & again back home here in Johnson. I hear your voice & know exactly who’s speaking w/o looking at the TV. You have gone on to do some wonderful things, bless you! Your name still comes up now & again @ Golden Rule, followed by smiles & laughs. Keep doing what you’re doing. ❤️

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