Yesterday in my message I shared a bit of my experience watching the eclipse. I had a few requests to share those thoughts in the newsletter so I am including them here, with a few edits.

As I sat in my lawn chair last Monday and watched to moon blot out the sun I pondered darkness. Hundreds even thousands of years ago on a celestial event such as this, signs in the heavens, if you will, this darkness brought fear and dread. Surely the gods are angry, surely the world is coming to an end, perhaps chaos ensued, certainly there would be those capitalize on the event to instill fear and dread in others.

With all that in mind here I was sitting in a lawn chair, holding the hand of my best friend and partner, in the backyard of our son and his partner, gathered with their neighbors, who we did not know, and thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands if we knew, other people across the country to gaze in wonder, and awe, and amazement at this darkness, this beauty that had once been the harbinger of doom. And in the moment of totality it was almost as if for two minutes time stood still. It wasn’t just a black spot in front of the sun, around the edges, the corona, was dancing with color. We all held our breath in awe or perhaps the best we could utter was “Wow.” Some wept, some were speechless, but we were all profoundly aware of those two minutes. Two minutes! Think about that in the grand scheme of time. We were moved by them, relished them, we will remember them always.

There is a message in that moment of time. There is a message in that drawing together of so many of us. A message that says what once brought fear and dread, if we stay in this moment, there is still beauty all around.

Right in the middle of the most difficult of times. When the world, when life and death deal us such a chaotic and difficult hands, there is still beauty to behold; the beauty of a sunrise, the beauty of a friend reaching out, the beauty of a lover and partner, the beauty of a community.

I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I think we can get so caught up in the chaos and struggle of life and work we forget to take note of the beauty around us. Take time to notice the beauty. Be the beauty. The world needs more of it.

Peace and Light …and Beauty for Our Journey.

Pastor Kent


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