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Making Disciples or … not about choosing either or …

June 9, 2014

Simeon is probably the real culprit, though Moz participates when he decides he has the opportunity; that is digging in the backyard. Luckily they always dig in exactly the same spot, so it’s not like we have holes all over the yard, just one that they dig and I fill, they dig and I fill, and repeat. They both have a couple of other habits that I do not tend to appreciate; one is they like to wrestle. Not unlike two legged boys when they get to wrestling in the house I send them outside, it’s not bad; it is just that two 65-70 pound dogs wrestling in the living room can create a lot of collateral damage. The last thing I will mention is Moz and his walking. Simeon heel’s very well, walking dutifully by my side; Moz, not so much, he is distracted easily, likes to be out in front, and goes from side to side.

Of course knowing what I need to do to correct all of these I decided to consult the experts anyway, and so I began reading. I looked up in the doggie helps, “digging,” “wrestling/playing,” “training to heel,” because I have read many of these before I already knew deep down what I needed to do but I looked anyway, just in case there was an easy answer for one of them. These are all part of the same thing, if your dog has these kinds of behaviors they are probably bored and if they are bored you are not giving them enough exercise, and if you are not giving them enough exercise you are not walking them enough. Dang! They are all interrelated.

That was the long way around getting to what I really want to write about this morning. I participated in a poll I rather stumbled upon the other day from the United Methodist News Service. The poll asked a series of questions asking the participants to identify the most important “issue” facing the United Methodist Church today. Here is the basic list of choices the poll offered as what might be the most important issues facing the UMC today; Creating Disciples of Christ, Youth Involvement, Spiritual Growth, Decline in Membership, Poverty, Children at Risk, Social Injustice, Sexual Orientation/Same-Sex Marriage, Structure of UMC, Economic Inequality, Women and Minorities in UMC, Racism, and Immigration Reform; a valid list of very important concerns within our UMC.

After the poll had closed I had some initial concerns regarding length of time the poll was available, to whom it was available, how it was advertised, and sample size; as the headline for the results were,

“Poll: Making disciples tops sexuality as church priority.”

Which would lead one to believe that this poll of 509 members, clergy and official UM staff excluded, speaks for the majority of 7.4 million United States UM members in the local church. Now, that very well may be the case, I am not an expert in polling nor statistics gathering.

However, as I pondered the poll more and the questions asked and “issues” raised a larger concern emerged for me. It was the issue of Making Disciples as a separate category. It seems to me all of these “issues” they have identified are part of Making Disciples of Christ for the Transformation of the world. To me to hold out Making Disciples as somehow disconnected or separate is at best misinformed and at worse disingenuous. Every single one of the issues identified is related to making Disciples of Christ.

It is not unlike my story of Simeon and Moz. If I were to ask dog lovers whether walking your dog was more important than teaching him not to dig, or wrestle, or teaching him to heel, of course they are going to say walking your dog is most important, not because it is somehow separate from the others, but because they are all interrelated, one is still going to teach them not to dig, not to wrestle, how to heel AND walk them for exercise.

I believe too often in our UM church stating the purpose of our church, “To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World,” is used to deflect genuine conversation around the issues and concerns that face us today. Too often when topics of equality for all regarding sexual orientation, or immigration reform, or youth involvement, or social injustice are raised it will invariably be stated, “Well, we have gotten away from our main purpose of “Making Disciples,” some times, too many times I believe that can be a cop out. Yes, we need to be about Making Disciples, but we do that through including, loving, welcoming, embracing, and working for a more just, kind, and humble world for those who have been marginalized by not only society but the church, our church, the UM church.

I am unwilling to concede that there is some kind of disconnect or separation between “Making Disciples?” and equality and Inclusion for all persons in the church regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, age, social or economic status, or the other issues this poll raised in order to make such a broad sweeping statement that somehow the other identified concerns are somehow “less than” the others. Disciple making and inviting is about walking with God in Christ, learning, following, evolving, acting, reaching out, and loving. We are all called to and practice “Discipleship,” straight or gay, rich or poor, young or old. Equality, inclusion, and justice work IS “Making Disciples of Christ for the Transformation of the World!”

And it is one of the many ways we seek to be mindful of the Spirit and one another here at the Hill, where you are one of the community. Here where there is always an open door, a safe space, a warm welcome, and a place at the table. Not Your Ordinary Church. Until next week, God bless, and know you are never alone.

Peace and Light on Your Journey,
Pastor Kent