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August 23, 2010

   I do not know if they were left there on purpose. I suspect that they were laid aside while cleaning out around the altar area, but they were there nonetheless. There are three of them; doves on the rail next to where I sit at the front of the sanctuary just behind the pulpit. They are made of plastic, perhaps glass, and covered in glitter. I suppose they served some decorative purpose on a flower arrangement or a candle on the altar.
   I pondered them from my seat at the 8:30am Sunday morning service. I am sure they had not been there before, though I could not swear to it. Maybe they have been there all along and I had simply not been aware of them, but I suspect not. As I reflected on them, their white plastic and glitter sparkling with the overhead light, they caused me to pause.
   There was a part of me that wanted them to have been left for me, or rather for us, not just us as a church but us as a community, city, and world; doves as a symbol of Peace in a world where there seems to be less and less of it.
   I walked back out in the sanctuary today and stood at the rail where they are still perched. I breathed a deep breath, closed my eyes, and listened for a Word. You know, it does not matter whether they were left there for me or not, they are there, peace; a Word of grace within me to be spoken through me, through us, for a world that longs for peace.
   If I want peace in the world the best place to begin that process is within me, and if I can find peace then those I encounter along this journey of life might also find peace within themselves, and so the move continues from one child of God to the next.
   Thank you to whomever left these messengers of peace at the front of the church, whether they were intentional or not, they brought a moment of peace in my heart and soul, and I pray that in and through our journey together, one day…one day there might be Peace on Earth Good Will to ALL.


“International Reach Out to Someone of Another Faith Day”

August 8, 2010

I read on Saturday an interview on CNN with a pastor who is calling for a “International Burn a Koran Day.” I long for the day when humanity realizes we are all in this together. I long for the day when peace, respect, grace, understanding, and love are our guiding values rather than hate and intolerance. I am appalled to read of Christians gunned down by radical extremists. I am appalled to read of Christians who would burn the sacred texts of our Muslim brothers and sisters. So, in memory of all that have suffered as a result of all who have suffered from words of hate and bigotry, all who have lost loved ones as the result of extremists such as Al Qaeda, the KKK, Christian Identity Movements, or any other group that believes they have to right to hate and promote violence. On September 11, 2010, I am calling for a “International Reach Out to Someone of Another Faith Day,” encouraging us all to actually get to know those who believe different than we do rather than believing the rhetoric and misinformation of those who would lead us astray and away from love and brotherhood.

A Peaceable Kindom?

November 9, 2009

   Simeon and Hobbes I think are best of buddies. Simeon being my dog of course, some sixty-five pounds of Labrador and Shar Pei, and Hobbes is our Bengal cat, all of maybe six or seven pounds. We have another cat Frodo, he is a Munchkin cat some smaller than Hobbes, he and Simeon are perhaps less than best of buds, Frodo just kind of tolerates Simeon for the most part but will warm up to him if he is asleep.
   Simeon and Hobbes wrestle and play together. It is not uncommon to find Simeon with Hobbes’ head in his mouth with a less than innocent look on his face. He obviously would never hurt Hobbes; if he would Hobbes would have been lunch a long time ago. Of course it is not just Simeon; it is also not uncommon to see Hobbes hanging off of Simeon’s jowls by his front claws, all the while Simeon seemingly impervious to any pain that might have been incurred.
   Hobbes is known to give Simeon a “cat scan” as we call it, sniffing Simeon from head to two, we are sure if he is making sure his dog friend is okay or sizing him up for an afternoon snack. And we see them sitting diligently in the front window keeping watch over the yard with Hobbes snuggling up under Simeon’s chin.
   They are an entertaining odd couple of friends to say the least. And of course there is surely a lesson in this complicated relationship. If a sixty-five pound dog and a six pound cat can find a way to live in peace, albeit sometimes a rambunctious peace, within the four walls of our home … I wonder if there isn’t hope for the rest of us. I continue to pray for such a peace and live in the hope of Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.